The Best Portable Power Banks for Backpacking in 2024

In this world full of the hustle and bustle, it is tough to have a sigh of relief to yourself. Everything is moving at such a fast pace that it becomes challenging to catch your breath at times. In moments like these, it is essential to take a break and live a life for just yourself, every once in a while.

A good short trip is the best gift that you can give yourself to have a perfect break. A backpacking trip can be with a close friend, a group of friends, your loved one, your family, or even solo. On a backpacking trip, you can enjoy some outdoor activities or go camping. Today, we discuss the best portable power bank for backpacking that you can easily carry on your trips it will help you to keep your smart device up all the time.

best portable power bank for backpacking

No matter what kind of backpacking trip it is, you will have to go far away from your home, and there will be no sockets on the way for you to charge your mobiles or tabs.

For this very purpose, you will need a good and reliable power bank to keep you company along the way.

Before moving forward let’s have a look on our top three recommendations:

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Some Prerequisites for a Power Bank

A backpacking trip can last a day or two and you are likely to take your camera or mobile phone along. You want to go on that backpacking trip and want to buy a power bank to lessen your burden? You must keep the following things in mind while choosing a power bank.

  • Capacity- For a backpacking trip, you need to charge your camera or mobile phone multiple times a day. For this reason you need to go with 30,000 mAh.
  • Dual or multiple USB ports- Another thing you need to keep in mind while on a backpacking trip is to make sure that the power bank you buy must have enough ports to charge more than one smartphone or device. A good power bank always has more than one port and can fill up more than one device simultaneously and effectively.
  • Less recharging time- A backpacking trip is all about fun and games, therefore one should always go with a power bank that gets recharged in a short span of time. Just make sure that the power bank you buy does not take much time to recharge.

What Kind of Power Bank is Ideal for Backpacking Trips?

Although all power banks serve the same function yet, they differ in their capacity and efficiency. The power banks that are most suitable for backpacking should have:

  • At least 30000 mAh power capacity.
  • Fast charging and recharging time.
  • Should have 90 W power delivery.
  • Should be shockproof and water-resistant

1. ROMOSS 30000mAh Power Bank Sense 8+

Key Features

  • Capacity – 30000 mAh
  • Charging – 11 hours max
  • Dimensions – 6.57 x 3.15 x 1.26 inches

ROMOSS power bank is one of the top reviewed power banks with a large capacity of 30000 mAh. Because of having this much capacity, this power bank has the potential to fill up the juices of your devices, be it mobiles, speakers, or even tablets, several times.

In addition to having a massive amount of capacity, this gadget comes with three input ports: micro-USB, Type-C, and lightning. With this help, you can quickly charge your blue tooth speakers, wireless earphones, laptops, mobiles, and whatnot.

Also, the lightning port will enable you to connect various Apple devices with computers, USB battery chargers, cameras, or other peripheral devices.

Whether you head on to a long journey or go camping, you will not have to worry about your mobile’s or tab’s battery as this power back provides you with multiple charging shifts.

Because of it, your Samsung S9 will get 7.2 total charges, iPhone 8 will get 12.6 full charges, and iPad mini will get four total charges. Plus, when it comes to recharging, a regular 18W wall charger will be able to spice it up entirely in about 11 hours only.

When used carefully, this power bank is highly compatible. You will never have to worry about any overcharging or overheating issues at all.

Also, its sleek white texture and uncomplicated design make it more remarkable.

As no cables come with this deal, you can use your cables that are available at home. Simultaneously charging the devices on this power bank is not a problem because of its high capacity.

2. imuto Power Bank

Key Features

  • Capacity – 30000 mAh
  • Charging – 6 to 7 hours
  • Dimensions – 6.7 x 3.4 x 1.2 inches

The Muto power bank holds an important place in the market because of its usability and perfect black matte shade, and compact design. With its highly compatible lithium battery, this power bank is a want for everyone who wants to go on a backpacking trip and forget the world for a while.

With its high range capacity of over 30000 mAh, this small yet remarkable power bank can boost the batteries of mobiles, tablets, iPads, and many other devices that require charging.

This multipurpose device can simultaneously charge more than one device. It contains 3 USB portals, i.e., USB A, micro USB, and USB C, which can detect the connected devices and charge them accordingly.

From charging your precious iPhone 11 6.2 times to charging your Galaxy S9 6.5 times, from boosting the battery of your iPhone 8 for about 10.5 times boosting your iPad Air 2 for almost two times, this power bank has all the power in the world. Also, the recharging time of this power bank is not that much. It only takes some hours to be fully recharged.

Because of its compatible nature, this power bank will protect you against all odds, whether overcharging or overheating. Also, it will not lose itself in the process and stay by your side for a long time.

The micro USB cable that comes with it can recharge the power bank, while the rest of the devices can be charged with their cables.

3. Techsmarter 30000mah Rugged & Waterproof 45W Power Bank

Key Features

  • Capacity – 30000 mAh
  • Charging – 6 to 7 hours
  • Dimensions – 6.69 x 3.15 x 0.79 inches

Techsmarter power bank has the ultimate capacity to fill up your mobiles or other devices at the speed of light. It has four ports, and all of them are equally compatible. With a 45 W USB-C port, you can charge your Apple devices in no time.

Also, the 18W TS+ USB port has the power to charge your mobiles entirely in less than an hour. In case of recharging, unlike other power banks, you can recharge this one within 4 hours with the portable charger that comes with it.

When it comes to the charging capacity, you do not have to worry at all. Just go on that hiking trip you have always wanted to go without any tension. It is precisely because this magic box can charge your smartphone ten times, MacBook 2 times, and iPad 4 times because of its capacity, i.e., 30000 mAh.

Talking about its durability and compatibility, this power bank excels in both. It protects your devices from any short circuits or overcharging and protects itself from the outer world. With its water-resistant and shockproof features, this power bank has many potentials that cannot be taken for granted.

Furthermore, its design and texture speak for itself and is a beauty in itself. The manufacturers did not show any frugality while making this piece of art.

4. Bextoo Huge Capacity High-Speed 4 USB Ports External Battery Pack

Key Features

  • Capacity – 30000 mAh
  • Charging – 8 hours
  • Dimensions – 6.14 x 2.95 x 1.3 inches

Bextoo power bank comes with a capacity of 30000 mAh that has the power to stand the test of time.

With its dual charging portals, it can charge two mobiles in a row with equal efficiency. The Micro USB port helps you recharge the device itself, while the USB-C port enables you to charge all your smartphones, tabs, etc.

If you do not intend on coming back home for a while and have packed everything in your backpack to go to another city or place, then pack this power bank too. Its high capacity can charge iPhone 11 pro nine times, mini iPad for 2.8 times, and Galaxy S8 for 7.5 times.

Also, the recharging speed is quite impressive. You can quickly recharge it within 8 hours.

Highly durable and long-lasting, this power bank is a must. It comes with a portable charger for recharging and a micro USB charging cable.

And let’s not forget the red and black combination that adds more spark to its already strong aura. Also, the LED digital display makes it cool and keeps you updated about the battery power.

5. Best Portable Power Bank for Backpacking from Lekpheet

Key Features

  • Capacity – 30000 mAh
  • Charging – 8 to 9 hours
  • Dimensions – 7.44 x 4.41 x 1.14 inches

Lekpheet power bank not only makes your mobile charging hassles much more accessible but also captivates you with its enchanting white texture and a simple yet classy design.

With its dual ports, you can quickly charge more than one mobiles or device without any hurdles.

Both of the USB ports can easily facilitate your smartphones, tabs, etc.

The high capacity, i.e., 30000 mAh enables you to charge your mobiles more than six times in a row without blinking. Also, it only takes about 8 to 9 hours to recharge this power bank. So you can put the power bank to get charged before going to bed and remove it in the morning.

Ideal for taking with you on backpacking trips, this power bank is all in one package and protects your mobile against any power outages.

6. 3A Fast Charging Portable Charger 

Key Features

  • Capacity – 30000 Milliamp Hours
  • Charging Times – 6 to 8 hours
  • Dimensions – 6.22 x 2.87 x 1.3 inches

Basaeu’s capacity of 30000mAh could easily charge devices multiple times in a week. Its battery does not drain away in a short period. Also, it is the best item to keep in your backpack on a long journey or trip.

Basaeu has one Type-C charging port as well as 2 USB ports. It implies that you can charge three devices all at the same time. Thus, you and your friends could charge your mobile phones altogether and have fun.

The Basaeu’s backpack power bank charges three times faster than the iPhone. It means that it does not take much time to get fully charged. Nevertheless, you can use it many times to charge your other devices.

The backpack portable power bank features a built-in smart chip that could easily match with various devices. For that reason, you could use it to charge smart bracelets, mobile phones, wireless headphones, tablets, and so forth.

The bank has been designed with the latest technological innovation to make sure your devices could charge rapidly. It’s a multi-purpose power bank that’s also really handy.

Also, it is available in black color. It has a compact and simple design which makes it easy to carry in a backpack.

7. Fast Charging USB C Power Bank

Key Features

  • Capacity – 30000 Milliamp Hours
  • Charging Time – 6 to 7 hours
  • Dimensions – 1.38 x 6.1 x 2.99 inches

JIGA’s 30000 mAh capacity makes it ideal for keeping on an extended tour or trip. It is a must to have for climbers, hikers, and campers.

The power bank has three input ports. You can use a USB-C cord to charge this power bank in a few hours. Or else, you can go for the micro USB or lightning options for the charging. The tripe output ports are also featured in it that ensure fast charging of the devices.

The JIGA portable power bank incorporates a Smart IC that makes sure you charge three of your devices simultaneously. The recharge cycle for this power bank is more than 400 times. Not just that, it has a standby time of around five months.

JIGA has a tin-plate PVC shell which protects it from breaking, stains, and scratches. So, you could easily keep it in your backpack without worrying about it.

JIGA is compatible with Samsung, iPhone, and Pixel smartphones. It can also be used to charge Bluetooth Earbud and SmartWatch.

It comes with a built-in LED flashlight that is bright enough to help you see in the dark.

8. Flashlight Portable Charger 

Key Features

  • Capacity – 20800 Milliamp Hours
  • Charging time – 8 to 9 hours
  • Dimensions – 7.17 x 4.06 x 1.02 inches

Toospon has a 20800 Milliamp Hours capacity which is sufficient for those who want to go on a short school or college trip. It is quite dependable and lightweight so that you can keep it in your backpack at all times.

The power bank has 4 PCS output ports which means that you can charge four devices with this backpack portable power bank. Those who are concerned about the juice of their machines can make the most of it.

The power bank will charge to the maximum in just about 5-7 hours. The brand new design of the dual input port allows for a faster-charging speed.

It is the power bank that has many COB flashlights at its base. This flashlight could be used as an emergency light in the dark.

Toospon is perfect for charging Android and iOS devices. Also, this power bank can be used to charge tablets.

It has an award-winning appearance design. This power bank’s size is small so that you could keep it in any small pocket of your backpack. The design is stylish, and it has to offer a comfortable feel.

9. Super Bright Flashlight Portable Charger

Key Features

  • Capacity – 30000 Milliamp Hours
  • Charging time – 6 to 7 hours
  • Dimensions – 7.67 x 3.81 x 1.14 inches

ELEFULLL’s super capacity of 30000 milliamp hours makes it perfect for taking on a journey or flight. You can charge this power bank in just 7-8 hours. You could easily charge it with any USB Smartphone charger.

There are 2x Output USB ports from where you can charge two smartphones all at once. With the help of output 5V 2A, you could easily use this backpack power bank for any electronic item like wireless headphones or speakers. It contains three input ports, including USB TYPE-C, Micro USB, and lightning.

It is ideal for charging any mobile phone or tablet present in the market. Also, it does not matter if you are using iOS, Android, or any other Smartphone; you can easily charge it with this awe-inspiring power bank. You have to use USB Type-C or Micro USB port to charge your mobile phones.

This portable power charger is featured with high hardness, safety, and protection. It means that it will not break-away while sitting in your backpack.

It does not matter where you hit it or fall it; it will remain in its excellent condition. The internet circuit board will not be damaged by falling or hitting something hard, so it is ideal for hikers and climbers.

10. Portable Charger Ultra High Capacity Power Bank

Key Features

  • Capacity – 30000 Milliamp Hours
  • Charging time – 8 hours
  • Dimensions – 7.6 x 5.5 x 1.1 inches

POWERADD Pilot Pro3 has a 30000mAh capacity, so you can stop worrying about your devices’ battery on the go.

It has dual inputs (5V/4A total) that allow you to charge the lightweight battery charger simultaneously using the two micro cables that come with it. Thus, you can charge this portable power bank in just 8-10 hours.

The POWERADD power bank has three USB ports merged with 4.5amp output. It helps this power bank to detect the charging needs of your smartphones and tablets. Not just that, you can plug three devices in these three ports all at once to charge them.

It is compatible with all wireless headphones, MP3 players, smartphones, wireless speakers, tablets, and most USB devices.

Free yourself from wall chargers when you have this stylish POWERADD portable power bank. This backpack power bank has a pleasing design. Also, it is available in white and black shades. The sleek design makes it out-of-the-ordinary.

The power bank has a built-in safeguard that protects it from overheating, over-current, and over-charging. The best part is that it has a grade A+ Li-polymer battery cell. Due to this reason, it could comfortably support more than 500 cycling charges.


In a nutshell, a good power bank that is also ideal for backpack trips, be it hiking, camping, etc., should have all the essential features mentioned above.

There are a lot of power banks that fulfill these demands, but ROSMOSS power bank is the one that will leave you in awe of it. In addition to this one, others like muto, tech smarter, which are also a lot more compatible.

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