10 Best Portable Power Banks for Cell Phones – Keep Your Phone Up All the Time

Portable Power Bank – A blessing for cell phone users in distress

A vibrant social life cannot be imagined without a cellphone. Oxford medical dictionary added a new phobia into its chronicles last year, nomophobia – no-mobile-phobia or the fear of living without a cellphone. This is the reason today we are discussing the best portable power bank for cell phone.

According to MIT’s research, “cell phone usage has covered 76% of our daily life.” (MIT Journal).

Our life has been morphed into this hand-laden miniature; we read, connect, access, shop, and sometimes flaunt pubbing (phone snubbing) all day long. In sum, our existence on planet Earth revolves around the razzle-dazzle of cell phones.

best portable power bank for cell phone

Nevertheless, all the pizzazz shutters down once your cell phone run out of juice. Your life comes to a grinding halt, and you fall steeply from a glamorous haven-cum-heaven to the abyss of monotony.

Here comes a rescuer, savior, messiah, or whatever good you call that pumps up the withering energy again into the veins of your cell phone regardless of time and position. We name this Good Samaritan – power bank.

A power bank’s importance cannot be neglected as it saves us from the pitfalls of total blackout dexterously. No matter if you are en route, on the job, or in the class, the handmaiden is always ready to fill the emptying jug of your cell phone.

An excellent power bank could immerse your life with immense blessings, while on the top side, a wrong choice would land you in persistent mental trouble.

Considering the importance of power banks, our group of veterans has dragged out the creme-de-la-creme options for you, but before striking the products, let’s have an essential info warm-up.

Let’s have a look on our recommendations first:

Prime Features to Consider While Buying a Power Bank

Here we would tell you some golden standards of power banks for your cell phones, so you would not rely on us blindly.

  • Capacity: The more, the better. This is the primary function of a power bank, and your power bank can only do the trick if having enough juice to feed your dying cell phone. We tick the range of 10,000 mAh to 20,000 mAh as the viable one. Having said that, the universe is the limit.
  • Dimension: The slimmer, the better. No one wants to hold a concrete block in the disguise of a power bank. In vogue, the iPhone size’s power banks are popular, and as per the thumb rule, the power bank size should not oversize your call phone.
  • Charge timing: A quick charge is the need of the time. A fast-charging protocol is 18 W PD that elevates the iPhone’s battery by half within half an hour.
  • Price range: The price range may vary from brand to brand. As a power bank is a technical item, you cannot guess in the wilderness. Li-polymer batteries are far more expensive but hi-tech than the Li-ion. The price guess must be made after incorporating all the material evidence. However, the price should not be much exorbitant to break your bank or back.
  • Recharge timing: A right power bank recharges itself within shorter periods. Our threshold is no more than six hours for a 10,000 mAh battery.

How Power Bank works for iPhones

Power banks for iPhones work in the same vein as Android phones, but the iPhone-specific power banks should have 3.7 V with Type-C or A (preferably) USB ports.

After the foundations, it’s high time to directly strike the products.

1. INIU Portable Charger

Key Features

  • Capacity — 10,000 mAh
  • Charging time —
  • Dimensions — 5.2 x 2.7 x 0.5 inches
  • Specialty — Ultra slimmest in the 10,000 power bracket

Nomophobia (No-mobile-phobia) is a palpable psychological disorder when we become freak about living without a cellphone. This is why we opt to carry portable power banks, but do you know that the high-on-aesthetic souls also hate the idea of carrying the shabbily-built power banks. The bulky power bank runs down your personality down the drain.

Considering this dilemma, our team went on the hunt for the world’s slimmest power bank under the viable capacity of 10,000 mAh. Finally, we stumbled upon the INIU. The brand claims and justifies the claim of being thinnest in the 10,000 mAh category.

Besides being swish, INIU bestows the three-time fast charging through exclusive U-Power+ technology. Over the top, you can charge the three devices at once. The Type-C port allows you a compatible and swift charging spree.

As far as compatibility is concerned, the INIU power bank is viable with the iPhone and Android even-handedly. Nonetheless, the display is not digital, and you will have to rely solely on the paw prints indicator.

Whenever you feel there is enough darkness on your way, lit the way up by the handy torch installed in INIU. Overall, the INIU power bank is smart to provide food for thought to cell phones, headphones, watches, fitness trackers, and other smart gadgets.

2. Portable Charger Power Bank

Key Features

  • Capacity — 25,800 mAh
  • Charging time — 8-12 hours
  • Dimensions — 35.4 x 70.92 x 7.2 inches
  • Specialty — Li-polymer spacious batteries

Not everyone’s requirements are straightforward; one of our team members has always been groaning about the power bank’s low juice despite using the best of the best. One day, we tried to determine the real cause beneath that even the premium power banks could not cater to the fellow’s needs. We were astonished to see the long list she carries; the list ranges from cell phone to laptop and iPod to headphones.

We recommended her the ultra-huge capacity holder –  Ekrist, with a net power treasure of up to 25,800 mAh. Finally, peace of mind is ensured by her after settling with the Ekrist.

Ekrist power bank is adorned with cutting-edge formation. You get connected everywhere with pride. The brand Ekrist rolls out the products after the thorough aging tests; this is why zero failure is reported from the deployed power devices.

With Ekrist, you can charge multiple, as many as eight devices at a time, or a single cell phone at times in a row. The fashionable skin elegantly envelopes the casing.

You can charge double devices through the multiple ports sans sacrificing the charging speed. At the same time, the compatibility is spacious to the core. You may also charge a variety of brands indiscriminately.

Most of the brands use Lithium batteries, but Ekrist goes for the Li-Polymer that is more durable and sustainable. You may take note of the battery drainage indicated by four LED lights. Nonetheless, the only lacuna is the absence of Type-A or C ports. Overall, Ekrist is an excellent value-for-money power bank.

3. Luxtude 5000mAh Portable Charger for iPhone

Key Features

  • Capacity — 5000 mAh
  • Charging time — 6 to 8 hours.
  • Dimensions — 5.4 x 2.7 x 0.3 inches
  • Specialty — TSA air-travel compliance

iPhone users have always been class conscious; this is an open secret. Apple has made up the users’ psyche to think differently and look unique. Our editors have identified an iPhone matching power bank that a supportive brand backs up. Luxtude power bank is an Apple certified portable travel charger.

The light and ultra-slim construction with the running juice of 5000 mAh is comfy enough to charge the Apple devices multiple times, whether iPod, iPad, or iPhone.

The efficiency of this power bank boosts up owing to the usage of original cables. Furthermore, the three-color options make Luxtude a perfect gifting option for special days. The gorgeous but simplified design matches up perfectly with the iPhone option.

Fortunately, Luxtude is also compatible with TSA standards; hence you may carry it for air travel. The Li-polymer battery is heavy-duty but can easily be nestled into your pocket due to its extra slim formation. You can charge your iPhone 1.8 times. All in all, Luxtude is a good option for iPhone lovers, but this power back is not much coveted among the android population.

4. 2-Pack Miady 20000mAh Portable Charger Power Bank

Key Features

  • Capacity — 20,000 mAh
  • Charging time — Nine hours
  • Dimensions — 11.02 x 5.28 x 2.13 inches
  • Specialty — Automatic connectivity sensation

A common occurrence at the European and American airport terminals is the flight incompatible devices’ pile stock. The devices are deprived of the travelers hence inflicting a mental toll on them. It would help if you extinguished such a possibility in the first place by opting for an air travel compatible option such as Miady power bank.

Miady power bank is an intelligent device that automatically turns off or on once it gets hooked or unhooked to a cell phone for 30 seconds. Nonetheless, only a micro cable is provided with a power bank, and you need to rely on your device cable.

99% of cellphones could be charged by Miady one-size-fits-all portable power treasure. At the same time, the smart charging is backed up by CE, RoHS, and FC protocols, all airlines-approved.

The two USB charging ports, one micro USB, and the second Type-C rejuvenate the cell phones and refills the battery packs within nine hours. Overall, Miady is a viable option to charge with ease en route.

5. Anker Portable Charger, PowerCore Essential

Key Features

  • Capacity — 20,000 mAh
  • Charging time — 10.5 hours
  • Dimensions — 6.22 x 2.93 x 0.76 inches
  • Specialty — Trickle charging for low-powered devices

While we were jotting down these reviews, some of our team members were surveying the market for the weakest aspect; the chink in the armor of power banks is declared early malfunctioning. We asked for the highly resilient power bank; the unanimous answer was Anker.

The 20,000 mAh Anker power bank has dual portable ports that charge the devices with a MultiProtect device safety system. The device safety system cares for the subjects and prolongs the life of the power bank too.

The matte exterior is sleek adorned with the cool-blue LED wheel to depict the battery levels. Anker has another exciting feature of trickle charging that fits low-power devices such as earphones, Bluetooth, or speakers.

You can charge multiple devices through the USB ports of this handy power bank. At the same time, you could regain the bestowed power within 10.5 hours. Anker’s selection would anchor your heart. 

6. Ayeway Battery Pack Portable Charger Power Bank with Dual outlets

Key Features

  • Capacity — 26,800 mAh
  • Charging time — 7 hours
  • Dimensions — 5.4 x 2.7 x 1.2 inches
  • Specialty — GPS compatible

Selecting a universal power bank is as difficult as searching for a needle in the haystack. Anyhow, we have dug out one that claims up to 99.99 percent compatibility. The unsung hero is Ayeway power bank.

Besides compatibility, Ayeway is bolstered with the two ports (both Type-C and USB) that ensure fast charging. You may take Ayeway on board sans any compliance issue.

The extended battery is a perfect GPS choice during mountaineering or hiking. The heavy-duty Lithium Polymer batteries weigh only 14.4 ounces. Furthermore, you can get aware of the remaining juice through the crystal clear LED display.

Nonetheless, the Ayeway power bank is reported to be quickly broken down when it comes to heat exposure. You need to use it with diligence. Overall, the purchase of Ayeway is a win-win deal.

7. Cell Phone External Battery Pack

Key Features

  • Capacity — 10,000 mAh
  • Charging time — 6-8 hours
  • Dimensions — 5.12 x 2.76 x 0.59 inches
  • Specialty — Micro USB + Type-C support

Misleading declarations are a real cause of concern, and this practice is expected in the power bank genre. The net capacity usually betrays the declared capacity. Our team has tested some power banks and found some of them on-spot. Miisso is one of these. The 10,000 mAh capacity is tested and verified accordingly.

Miisso has two USB ports that support the Micro USB or Type-C cable. Furthermore, the slim design is swish and aesthetically pleasing. The body is even smaller than iPhone 11. Carry it in your pocket with ultimate freedom.

Nonetheless, you must also bear in mind that the 10,000 mAh capacity is not spacious enough if you are a tech buff. Overall, Miisso is a quality product in a restricted domain of day-to-day usage, not much professional.

8. TOZO Portable Charger Slim and Light Fast Power Bank 

Key Features

  • Capacity — 10,000 mAh
  • Charging time — 8 hours
  • Dimensions — 7.4 x 3.94 x 1.26 inches
  • Specialty — 18 W PD fast charging

You cannot and should not wait patiently to let your devices charge with snail’s speed in this fast era. Tozo relieves you of this hellish affair by extending the 18W PD power output for an exhilarating charging spree. The 30 minutes dose shoots up your iPhone battery by half.

The spacious 10,000 mAh Li-Ion battery is laden with compatible Type-C and micro cables that help you charge rightly sans any hurdle. Tozo is also short-circuited and overheating proof.

The actual magic of the Tozo is its chic, light, and handheld structure. The exquisite aluminum alloy formation with frosted metal case laced with anti-fingerprints texture is enchanting. Nonetheless, the downside is the usage of a Li-ion battery rather than the newer version of Li-polymer. Do buy it if you are a tech beauty lover.

9. Portable Charger USB C External Battery Pack Tri-Input and Tri-Output

Key Features

  • Capacity — 20,000 mAh
  • Charging time — 5.4 hours
  • Dimensions — 6.5 x 3.07 x 0.91 inches
  • Specialty — Fast recharging technology

Power banks do facilitate you in charging the withering souls of your devices, but to be honest, recharging the drained-out power bank is itself a misery.

We specifically looked out for a power bank that can be recharged in a shorter period. After a deep search, the cherry-picked power bank is one of 20,000 mAh capacity by Ravpower.

Ravpower power bank could be recharged fully within 5.4 hours. While the other exciting features are Quantum Quick charging, thoughtful ergonomic design, and three USB ports.

Nonetheless, the AC adapter is not provided with the pack, and you will have to buy it separately. Ravpower is an equally compatible device for iPhone and Android versions. In sum, The selected Ravpower power bank is a time and cost-efficient supportive device.

10. iWALK Portable Charger

Key Features

  • Capacity — 5000 mAh
  • Charging time — 5 Hours
  • Dimensions — 5.6 x 4 x 1.6 inches
  • Specialty — 360° pop grip ring stand

After reviewing, testing, and analyzing a plethora of power banks, lastly, our editors decided to review a sci-fi-inspired power bank that could give you some sleek sensations.

However, having a minimum power capacity of 5000 mAh that could only charge a single iPhone, the iWalk power bank is an iPhone-specific power bank with sleek styling. The red texture is bolstered with a 360° pop grip ring to clasp the phone for horizontal stand support.

Furthermore, the Type-C input, mini size, and ultimate portability make up less power lacuna. You may go for this power bank if your charge requirements are not frequent and prefer the design over substance.


Obviously, you wouldn’t want your iPhone to run out of juice when watching your favorite Netflix series or to have a fun time on your social media. A power bank is the most viable option if you are running out of options regarding charging your iPhone.

We hope that you must have found your jewel from the abovementioned treasure trove. Selected power banks are critically analyzed and empirically tested to hand you a value-for-money, time-efficient device. Go gaga!