The Best Solar Power Bank for Backpacking of 2024

Going on backpacking trips every once in a while is very good for one’s mental health. Exploring the world, climbing the mountains with your friends, or just lying down outside your camp and watching the starry night can never go wrong. One thing that can make you worry during such a paradisiacal time is your uncharged mobile.

For this very purpose, solar power banks come in handy. A solar power bank can convert solar energy into electrical energy and then saturate up your smartphones with it. You can quickly call your mother and tell her you are safe; you can video call your friends and show them the sight you can’t stop looking at. So we review the best solar power bank for backpacking that will not let you run out of power.

best solar power bank for backpacking

The point is that the solar power bank does not require electricity to get recharged, making it the best partner for your backpacking trip. What more do you need than something that can keep your device’s battery full and itself recharged without electricity?

Buying a Solar Power Bank for Backpacking? Do not miss out on these things.

You must be familiar with some things before choosing a solar power bank specifically for a backpacking adventure.

  • Make sure that the capacity of the power bank is 20000 mAh or more than it.
  • Has more than one USB port.
  • Protects against overcharging and overheating.
  • Waterproof and shockproof capabilities.

Just make sure your eco-friendly power bank has all these features, and then you are good to go.

1. ADDTOP Solar Charger

Key Features

  • Capacity – 25000 mAh
  • Dimensions – 6.1 x 3.35 x 137
  • Specialty – Air travel safe

ADDTOP solar power back is a must-have for your backpacking adventure as it has a relatively higher capacity of 25000 mAh. This massive capacity aids in keeping your smartphones, tabs, Bluetooth or wireless speakers, or headphones alive throughout the journey.

What makes it ideal for your backpacking adventure is that as long as the sun is out, you will not have to worry about charging or recharging issues. With its four foldable solar panels, this magic equipment absorbs as much energy as it can from the sun and transfer it to your smartphones or other devices.

The dual USB port is the real deal. You can simultaneously charge two mobiles at a time with equal efficiency. Also, once your phone gets fully charged, the solar power bank will automatically stop.

Although solar power banks do not run on electricity yet, they can work as electrical power banks. The ADDTOP power bank can fill up your iPhone 6 for ten times, Samsung S6 for seven times, and tablets for three times when it is fully recharged.

This solar power bank may have four solar panels, but they can be folded, making it easier for you to carry with you in your backpack. The classy black and grey colored power bank have an emergency LED light that acts as an indicator.

You need to keep in mind while using this solar power bank that you should not to leave it in the car for charging.

2. Portable Outdoor Waterproof Solar Power Bank

Key Features

  • Capacity – 20000 mAh
  • Dimensions – 5.5 x 2.9 x 0.7 inches
  • Specialty – Two charging way, i.e., solar and outlet

Durecopow power bank is what you need for your backpacking hiking adventure. What makes it ideal for hiking or mountaineering backpacking adventures is the remarkable features that make it shockproof, waterproof, and even dustproof. So when on a trip to a faraway land, your burden of getting worried about your power back will be lessened to a great extent.

Furthermore, the colossal capacity of 20000 mAh makes your backpacking trip relatively easy as you do not have to worry about your phone’s battery dying at all.

In addition, the dual USB port enables you to fuel the energies of two smartphones at the same time. So, you can even take care of your friend while having a wonderful time together.

One of the best features of the Durecopow power bank is its two-way charging mechanism.

It can warm up your iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Nexus, or whatever kind of smartphone device you have. When it comes to recharging, a green LED light turns on while using solar power, while a blue LED light turns on when you are using the USB charging mechanism.

Another remarkable thing about this solar magic is its highly exotic design made of black shaded silicone rubber and ABS PC material. Both of these materials are eco-friendly and also make your power bank look like a real deal.

3. Best Solar Power Bank for Backpacking

Key Features

  • Capacity – 26800 mAh
  • Dimensions – 6.89 x 3.54 x 1.18 inches
  • Specialty – Supports inductive charging

Riapow solar power bank is the authentic deal when it comes to transportable solar chargers. It is transatlantic. With a massive capacity of 26800 mAh, it can juice up your smartphones multiple times.

The best thing about this solar power bank is that it charges your mobiles with a USB help and supports inductive charging, which is done without connecting the power bank to the device with a USB cable. From delivering six charges to your Galaxy S10 to delivering eight charges to your iPhone 11, from providing three charges to your iPad mini to providing multiple charges to your other smartphones, this power bank is a blessing in disguise.

Also, on a single recharge, your power bank can stay awake for eight consistent days. And all it takes is 7 hours to recharge this beauty with the help of a USB C charger.

This solar power bank comes with 3 USB ports and a wireless charging system, making it convenient for you to simultaneously level up to four mobiles with equal efficiency. Also, these ports have the power to automatically detect the devices and distribute the current accordingly to ensure fast charging.

Riapow solar power bank is synonymous with a perfect trip companion. Just grab your backpack, put it inside the power bank, and it will keep on fuelling itself. When camping, you can use the LED flashlight present in it to read a book while the rest of the world is sleeping.

4. Solar Power Bank 36000mAh, Qi Wireless Charger

Key Features

  • Capacity – 36000 mAh
  • Dimensions – 7.32 x 4.76 x 1.61 inches
  • Specialty – Multi-protection mechanism

DJROLL solar power bank will provide your phone and itself with the ultimate protection with its multi-protection mechanism. From over current protection to temperature protection, from short circuit protection to overvoltage protection, this solar angel will make your backpacking trip a heavenly experience for sure.

With a high capacity of 36000 mAh, it can replenish your mobile’s battery multiple times.

When it comes to the number of devices that it can level up simultaneously, you will be thrilled to know that it can support four devices simultaneously with equal capacity.

The triple USB output port and a wireless Qi charging function can make your life a living fairy-tale. The type C output with 5V/3A makes it one of the fastest charging solar power banks globally. Also, you do not have to worry about the withering of its battery because it has more than 1000+ recharge cycles.

With a 15W high-speed input and output, this power bank can fill up your Samsung, iPhone, iPad, and other smartphones within hours.

The black and blue contrasted solar power bank is a sight to behold and looks classy when you carry it with you. This large capacity box is a perfect partner for your backpacking trip, hiking, camping, climbing, or fishing.

5. Hiluckey Solar Charger 

Key Features

  • Capacity 25000 mAh
  • Dimensions – 6.1 x 3.35 x 1.37 inches
  • Specialty – 9 LED flashlight which supports three modes

Hiluckey solar power bank is an eco-friendly portable charger that can keep your mobile’s juices running in an eco-friendly way. The lithium-polymer battery has a capacity of 25000.

The 2.1A Dual USB ports can support two smartphones simultaneously without causing any trouble.

This four-paneled solar power back is equally compatible with almost all phone models, including Samsung, Huawei, iPhone, etc. In addition, it can rejuvenate your smartphones more than ten times and tablets more than four times. When it comes to recharging, it does not take much time because of the four solar panels.

Furthermore, you can protect your mobile from overcharging or overheating with the help of this power bank as it provides the ultimate protection. Easy to handle and easy to carry in a backpack, this blue-shaded solar power bank is an all-in-one deal that cannot be ignored.

6. Solar Power Bank, Qi Portable Charger 10,000mAh

Key Features

  • Capacity – 10000 Milliamp Hours
  • Dimensions – 5.9 x 3.1 x 0.8 Inches
  • Specialty – Solar Charger

Qi Portable Charger 10,000mAh External Battery Pack is perfect in size and shape when it comes to backpacking solar power banks. All those who have to go on camping, hiking, climbing, or any other outdoor sport should opt for it. It can easily charge itself from solar energy, so you would not need any electric charger for it.

If you want to use your mobile phones or tablets in outdoor spaces, then Qi-Certified Wireless Charger is ideal.

Qi Portable Charger is considered to be a wireless charger. It contains two USB Type-C ports. Before going on a long trip or journey, you have to charge this portable power bank with the USV cable to the fullest. Keep in mind that solar charging should only be used in an emergency.

Solar power Qi charger could be charged with the 5V/2A adapter in just 6 hours. However, it can charge slowly from solar energy. So, the time duration may vary.

Solar power Qi charger has a fantastic and unique design. It incorporates two flashlights.

Qi Portable Charger 10,000mAh External Battery Pack could easily charge the iPhone X up to 3 times, iPhone 8 up to 4 times, and iPhone 7 Plus up to 3.4 times.

7. Best Waterproof Solar Charger for Phones

Key Features

  • Capacity 10000 Milliamp Hours
  • Dimensions 2.95 x 0.79 x 5.47 Inches
  • Specialty Waterproof Solar Charger

Flynn Tech Portable Solar Charger has a good capacity of 10,000 mAh. Thus, you do not have to worry about your devices’ batteries on the go when you own this backpacking solar power bank. It features a top-quality lithium battery which makes it stand apart.

Solar portable power bank designed by Flynn Tech brand could be recharged in just 5 hours. You can charge your devices in your backpacking from it up to three times.

Flynn Tech solar power charger could also recharge tablets, smartphones, mp3 players, and Bluetooth devices. No need to wait for your devices to get fully charge before you leave your home.

Micro USB or USB Type-C is featured in this portable solar charger. You can quickly go for the wired charging link or wireless. People mostly choose the wireless charging option, yet it is not relatively fast compared to the wired charging connection. Flynn Tech solar power charger design is compact and lightweight.

The bank is highly durable and waterproof. It does not lose its quality in diverse weather conditions.

8. Qi Wireless Charger

Key Features

  • Capacity 32800mAh
  • Dimensions 6.57 x 3.35 x 0.87 inches
  • Specialty Qi wireless charging technology

Feeke Power Bank has a 32800mAh large-capacity. You will find the solar panel in this power bank. When it comes to solar panel power chargers, you should opt for this beautiful power bank.

Feeke could recharge four devices all at once. Time to keep your devices fully charged at anyplace and anytime. You can accredit this power bank in just about 12 hours.

Also, the celestial device has two input ports and three output anchorages. One output charging port could be used to charge any electronic device. On the other hand, the input ports have to offer high efficiency and rapid charging speed.

The power bank’s design is dustproof and secured. As a result, there’s no need to be concerned about dust getting into the item and interfering with regular use. It can function normally in harsh conditions.

Feeke’s solar portable charger may change the output automatically to deliver the most appropriate current to the device.

9. Power Bank,35800mAh with Dual 3.1A Outputs

Key Features

  • Capacity 35,800 Milliamp Hours
  • Dimensions 7.09 x 4.29 x 1.93 inches
  • Specialty Shockproof

QiSa Solar Charger has a massive capacity of 35800mAh. For that reason, you do not have to worry about this solar power bank’s energy for backpacking.

The power bank by QiSa has two USB output ports Solar Charger has a solar power of 15W. When it comes to the input current, then it is 1.5A. However, the conversion rate through solar charging could go up to 116 percent of the rapid charging of the 1A plug. You can charge it in around 8 hours.

QiSa could be used to recharge the battery of all USB devices, smartphones, tablets, and QI devices.

The compact design, dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof design of this solar charger makes it out-of-the-ordinary. For that reason, it can deal with harsh environments without getting damaged.

It has overcharge security, which means it avoids overcharging of the battery, which can shorten the device’s life.

10. Quick Charge Portable Charger

Key Features

  • Capacity 36,000 Milliamp Hours
  • Dimensions 6.49 x 3.26 x 0.98 Inches
  • Specialty Huge Capacity

ANYFONG solar power bank is ideal for keeping in your backpacking when you are about to go on an adventure trip. The high capacity of 36000 Milliamp Hours makes it suitable to keep on a short or long trip.

If the four blue indication lights are on, it means charging is complete, and you could easily take it along. Within 6 hours, you could efficiently fuel up this portable power bank through genuine cable.

ANYFONG solar power bank has two input interfaces for Android and Type-C. It is recommended to charge this solar energy power bank with cable instead of solar energy. In an emergency, you should opt for solar charging. Also, it has two output interfaces.

Besides, it could fuel up to two devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, cameras, and wireless charging Qi devices all at once.

The chic design of this solar power bank for backpacking grabs the eyes of the onlookers. The rubber mats are present on the bottom, top, and both sides. Due to this reason, it does not slide away or slip in any way.

You can charge the power bank overnight thanks to the overcharge security system.


Summarizing everything in a few words, solar power banks are acing the world with their remarkable charging abilities and their eco-friendly ways. People opt for solar power banks because they are more convenient to manage than the other power banks.

You can put them in your backpacks and continue your trip, and they will recharge on their own while minding their own business inside the backpack. Riapow power bank and ADDTOP power bank is by far the best of the best in the world of solar power banks because of their fast charging features and durability.

Other solar power banks mentioned in this article are also good in their unique way, but ADDTOP and Riapow ace them all.

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