3 Best Portable Power Packs for Camping in 2024

Power packs provide the ability to charge smartphones and other smart devices as well as outdoor gears when you are away from the grid. We know well our smartphone batteries, cameras and laptops have limited battery life and to stay connected as well as to save the sweet memories and journey moments we need devices to run uninterruptedly. Moreover while camping there is a need to run some basic equipment like light, fan and infotainment system. A best portable power pack for camping is required to keep the devices running at the moment when no grid power is available. 

The Best portable camping power supply can be charged from the ordinary wall outlet, through solar and even in the car from an ordinary DC voltage. Before buying any such equipment always figure out the capacity that you need. Required capacity depends on the devices and the number charge that you need at your camping site. If you are moving out for an adventure to spend a day then anything between 150 watts to 300 watts is enough for you as a single person or two. But if you are more in numbers and want to spend more days away from the grid then surely you will be in need of a bigger capacity.

If want to know more then visit Best Portable AC Power Supply For Camping Trip, its detailed resource. Here are some of the best options with different capacities:

1. Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 160

portable power pack camping

  • Battery Capacity: 167Wh ( 11.6Ah, 14.4V), (46,400mah,3.6V)
  • AC Output: 1* 110V, 100W (150W peak) 
  • DC Output: 1* DC Output port (6MM port): 12V/7A
  • Ports: 1* USB-C output port: 5V 3A, 2* USB-A output ports: 5V 2.4A
  • Solar Charging: Yes
  • Dimensions & Weight: 7.40*4.59*6.73, 4 lbs

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 160 is the most basic and most affordable power pack for camping. It’s an outdoor green power solution that is equipped with a powerful battery that can recharge your portable devices several times. While depending on this power station no fuel or gasoline needed, no fumes, no clanging. Just pack this smart and small equipment along with your other gears and it will keep your portable equipment running on your camping site, you can read a book before sleeping in light and still can enjoy music out there.

It is designed to run Laptops, phones, GoPro and other smaller equipment, Also has one AC outlet which allows you to run any of your Ac powered machine that needed less than 100 watts to run. It will keep your outdoor adventure worry-free. Charing this small power pack for camping is not an issue you can plug it to a wall outlet or to DC outlet in your vehicle and may charge it through the solar panel.

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2. SUAOKI Portable Power Station

portable power packs for camping

  • Battery Capacity: 150Wh 40500mAh,3.7V
  • AC Output: 2 x 110V max 100W peak 150W 
  • DC Output: 4 x 12V/10A Max 15A 
  • Ports: 1 x QC 3.0 USB (up to 18W), 3 x USB Ports (5V/2.1A)
  • Solar Charging: YesDimensions & Weight: 7.26 x 4.31 x 4.67, 2.9 lbs

SUAOKI 100 W Portable Power Station is another top rated portable power pack in the market which is equipped with a variety of ports and options that make this product a top choice for camping. It is an ideal outdoor charging partner with a trustworthy battery and battery management system. But not limited to camping, you can use it while hiking its lightweight and compact to carry as well as you can carry it with you in music festivals, tailgating and road trips as a power supply that can keep your devices running.

In the outdoor environment especially when you re off the grid, it’s necessary to stay connected adn keep the devices alive to stay entertained. The product in the spotlight is equipped with the emergency light that you can use in blackouts and on adventure site to light up your camp or find a-way. Its equipped with a battery management system and fan to keep the internal equipment on the optimum temperature so you can run it uninterruptedly on the solar panel where it will work as solar generator.

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3. NEXPOW Portable Power Station

portable power for camping

  • Battery Capacity: 178Wh 48000mAh,3.7V
  • AC Output: 2 x 110V max 100W peak 150W 
  • DC Output: 12V-16.8V / 7A 
  • Ports: 2* QC 2.0 1* PD 3.0
  • Solar Charging: Yes
  • Dimensions & Weight: 8.9×3.1×4.1, 3.1 lbs

NEXPOW Portable Power Station is one that looks like a bog lower bank but it is capable to run much bigger devices and can recharge various small devices multiple times. Its a power pack that is ideally made for camping needs, whatever outside temperature is it can run effectively and the outside temperature will never affect its performance. It can properly manage voltage, current and temperature and will keep the connected devices safe from over-current.

Its metal body and flame retardant material is one reason that experienced camping professionals like it most and recommends it o new campers. While its compact design and lightweight nature make it easy to carry and without taking up a huge space it can be kept among other camping gears. 

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Which Things Are Necessary to Consider While Buying a Portable Power Pack

Capacity comes at number one that you must not ignore while making a decision or selecting the right product for you. It may bother you to decide for capacity and figure out how much you need but keep in mind once you have a final number you will become able to select the right product that will keep you connected at your camping site and will not let you run out of power. IF you camp with other people, friends and family members then also count their devices because they will use your power pack to keep their devices running.

You must pay attention to ports, for a single person few of them are enough but camping in groups required a greater number of ports, DC output and AC outlet. So all the people with you can connect their devices and portable equipment need different ports as every equipment runs on different DC voltage and amp. so consider your requirements and people with you will make you a better understanding of required ports.

Weight and size are important too, at the end of the day you have to carry this equipment and a heaver one will make your trip more difficult. Look for compact and lightweight options that you can easily carry and can pack along with your camping gear. In fact, the handle also matters a lot a grippy and comfortable handle will make the shifting and movement easy.

Lithium Batteries are lightweight and long-lasting, offer more charging cycles and offer more long-lasting energy, usually, they are considered best adn always come at first. Lithium batteries in camping power packs are quick to charge and provide accurate wattage when running.

Look for additionals like wireless charging stations, most of the manufacturers design the portable power packs with the charging station at the top that may cost you few extra bucks but will add a lot of conveniences. Also, prefer a product with the BMS (battery management system) is a feature that protects the inner battery from overcharge and extends life, as well as look or over current protection that will guaranty the safety of your devices.

Final Thoughts

Every person who loves spending time away from the grid has some different requirements like some love to picture everything that comes into their way and some love to run infotainment systems at relaxing sites and few like me love to stay connected and keep sharing the life experiences. Whatever your need is the above-listed products are perfect to use for any need.

Figure out your capacity and choose a suitable product from the above list, we recommend you to buy a device with a minimum of 300 watts. Such a capacity is enough to run any of the devices.

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